Thursday, 8 November 2012

Is Television Positive or Negative for Our Society

In society, television can be positive or negative depending on the different views. I will consider various aspects of television, like watching for leisure, for news and generating jobs, in addition to becoming addicted, and trash TV ads. I am going to analyse the arguments for and against television.

Many people believe that television is a good way to relax because they can sit with friends and watch it together. My friends and I are hooked on an American series called 'Awkward', a romantic comedy, and I usually talk about it with them. It's a good way to share our interests. In addition, TV helps me stay in touch with world news. When I want to know something important or spend time, I usually turn on the small screen and watch the news. It is often very interesting and it is inevitable that you will learn something new. I think that the television industry is very special. This industry generates jobs and income for the economy. Television has existed for less than 150 years, so I think it's very inspiring that the industry is so large and includes many different people in the work. It is an industry through which thousands of people have jobs that otherwise would not be available.

Furthermore, there are many disadvantages of television also. First, there is too much junk on the TV. Every time I turn on the idiot box, the first thing I see is a contest to win money. Today it seems that all channels have only gossip programs and competitions stupid. It's a shame that art well done program dies. We live in a materialistic society that likes to watch TV is useless because an escape from their own lives. In addition, television ads are very annoying in my opinion. Interrupt programs too, especially in Spain and in America, because they are very long. Also affect children and parents have no control over the types of ads that their children watch.

There is another problem with television when parents do not block the channels that show inappropriate content. Increasingly, there are violent or sexual movies during the day, so if parents do not censor those channels and care for their children they may have their children becoming addicted to the wrong type of programs. Despite this, I do not think censoring is effective because people can search for what they want on the net. Parents would also have to censor certain websites to make this ban on television effective. Finally I think it is horrible that in England it is imperative that people have to buy the public channels if they want  to watch them.

My conclusion is that the key problem is today's society. The popularity of these programs depends on the viewers and it is shown that all programs inappropriate content or people who make bad decisions. I suggest that if people watch less TV in general and focus on socializing, then everyone would be healthier mentally and would watch less trash on the boob tube. I do not like television because it has a negative and addictive impact on society.

I originally wrote this in flawed Spanish for a practice essay, so I apologize for any typos which I have not corrected in English. 

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